About Me

My name is Sean McGehee.

      Washington State born and raised, I spent five years pursuing a BFA in Theatre Performance at Central Washington University. It was there I learned the joys of improv, the importance of storytelling, and that all you need to become successful in life is within yourself; so I left. Now I’m doing what I love: throwing art at the world, and hoping something sticks.

I like many things. I like the ocean, and really tall trees. I like old couples holding hands, the harmonica, forestry, and savants; philosophy, underdogs, architecture, beach fires, snow forts, and pizza, but please no pineapple. I love theatre, and the arts, and films that aren’t made for money. I want a tree-house to tell ghost stories from, and I love video games. I like to party and crack jokes; casual alcohol and “teenage romance”. I like the ancient art of whaling. Old sleepy dogs, westerns, fiddles, insects and love stories.

I also like the future. I’m a fan of technology, and wondering where I will go. I’m currently writing my first novel JetShock, which dabbles in these concepts.

Anyways, here’s some photos. Tonda Gossa my friends.

Sean & friends 04


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