Dead Drift

Hidden Gem

For anyone who’s tried to create a project from scratch, you’ll know the difficulty it can often bring. Especially if your project is one of an expensive nature, or might require grandiose sets and upper-end technology. The overwhelming thought of how much work would need to go into it might terrify some, or cause others to never do the project in the first place.

But not this guy.

I stumbled onto this show a few nights ago after talking with the show’s creator (Ken Carlson)  about shitty people on the internet. I honestly didn’t know what to expect getting into this, but after two episodes I was completely hooked.

Dead Drift is like a science fiction fraternity party. Everybody shows up: you’ve got your high-strung captain obsessed with cookies and comfort, a know nothing engineer with dreams of boning aliens; holograms, clones, weird German dictators, and a wonderful menagerie of “bodacious space babes” all packaged up into neat, three minute episodes.

Each episode gets better than the last, and the jokes just keep building on top of themselves. Every time I was expecting to have a dry moment in the plot, it didn’t happen. While there may be an occasional joke that doesn’t land, or some acting that might be off, something is always there to keep you interested; whether it was the aesthetics alone, the wacky plot, or the comically over-subjected women, I don’t know. Oh, and if you’re a fan of Red Dwarf or Hitchhiker’s or other stuff like that, there’s certainly the occasional nod. Even Lovecraft makes an appearance.

What really impresses me about the whole thing though are the sets themselves. It took me a couple episodes before I realized that they weren’t messing around. Those aren’t green screens behind the actors, those are actual constructed sets.


You can check out more of their “making-of” stuff here:

Or in fact, you should just check out their whole website, facebook, all that shit, because obviously these guys worked pretty hard, and were very passionate about delivering a funny, and entertaining project. And they did! The show ran from October 2015, until July the following year, with only sixteen episodes. If I had heard of this while it was running, I certainly would have been on the hype train.

So go show em’ some love, and look out for Ken’s next project
Penny Palabras
Which I believe is coming out quite soon!

But anyways, just click any of these cute little things below to see Dead Drift’s social media.


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