Dear Mr. President,

It’s taken me awhile to write this, although I’ve been meaning to get around to it for some time. It was only thanks to some inspiration from a friend, that I was finally able to come to an agreement with myself, and formulate the idea into words.

This is a letter I originally concocted as a song concept, although I’m no good at writing songs. This song was also originally meant to be for the former leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, Kim Jong-il, however I now believe these words will ring even more true to you, Mr. President.

The title of the unwritten song was called, “We Forgive You, So Please Come Down”.

It was about a boy who made a terrible mistake, and climbed a tree so tall, that no man could bring him down but himself.

I truly believe you have climbed this tree Mr. President. And we forgive you for doing so. Really, we do.
We want nothing more than for you to come down from your tree, and play with us again.

There is a way down,

that does not involve jumping.

And climbing any higher, will only make things worse.

If you tell us what you’re looking at, be honest with us, about how the problem looks.. We can give you advice on how to scale down the tree.
But we can’t help you, if you keep lying.

Honesty Trumps All.


Published by

Sean McGehee

CEO of the Department of Imagination.

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