Filmography – Charles Catalogs the World (2014 – 2016)

Charles Catalogs the World


Charles Catalogs the World was originally concocted as a desperate attempt to keep my filmmaking brain saturated, as well as my sanity over the summer of 2014.
Having to transition from a world of constant learning and doing,
into a world of cats, suburbia, and poverty…
Well that can be rather depressing.
In one instant you go from thousands of people around you,
each constantly pursuing their futures, to then having the hardest time finding a reason to get out of bed, because you know that this isn’t living.
At least not the life you want.
So I had to make reasons to wake up that summer, and Charles became one of them.

One of the largest hindrances I’ve found to filmmaking is the lack of other humans with a desire to be in said films. It was easy in college to just write up a scene involving four people, find them, and film it. Being stuck in cat-land, I’ve had my mother and a small group of friends to keep my sanity. Looking back now, I should have been more thankful to have what I had.


Charles Catalogs the World is a short series about a man named Charles who suffers from savant syndrome. He spends his life cataloging how humanity interacts with the planet through an old VHS Tape Recorder, then inevitably buries the tapes within a time capsule for the future alien races to discover and learn from him. Each episode is set around a different “theme” or concept that humans interact with, which vary between the physical world such as Twigs or Moths, to conceptual things like Family, claiming the easiest way to capture moments is through music.

So I mean, it was a pretty well thought out series. I learned a lot about editing during the process, and I did put a lot of work into it, but it was fueled from a time in my life that I never want to go back to. Those were dark times, and I am glad I made something to look back on as a reminder.



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