Filmography – The Philosopher (2013)

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“Our problem is not solved, and you are not abolished of your duties at this fortress by order of The King!”
The General – Chad Oswald

Starring Chad Oswald (General), Kyle Lippman (Philosopher),
Adam Fisher (Engineer), JJ Hernandez (Doctor), Caleb Allison (Chef),
and Drew Gibbs (Foodbringer).

Written & recorded by Sean McGehee, Directed by Skyler Gahley and myself.



         The Philosopher was a huge mess. You see, one of the heads of my department during a checkup meeting told me I should start submitting some of my pieces to competitions to get my name out there. At the time, all I had that I would have been proud of submitting was Torch. So instead of being smart and submitting that, I used this as an excuse to write something new. Thus, The Philosopher was created. Yes, inspired by having been taking a philosophy class at the time, it was coupled with the idea of making a tribe of alligator-people wielding spears live in a post-apocalypse wasteland…
Of course the biggest downfall to creating fictional fantasy films is that you’re not able to easily make something with oh, I don’t know… let’s say a tribe of alligator men with spears. So I settled with humans, and designed the piece to feel like a post-apocalyptic wasteland regardless.


         One of the major selling points that I’m particularly proud of was the costumes, all designed by the genius Joanne Kirckof. We spent the first few weeks before film scouring thrift stores for props and clothing that would match the tone of the film best. We wanted everything to have a strange, duck tape covered raggedy look. As far as the filming itself goes, this was the first time since high school that I had actually storyboarded my film; and it really shows. In the past I would just go out and wing it, but I realize now how completely and ignorantly amateur that really is.


That was the biggest thing I learned from creating this piece, and I’ll never film without first storyboarding from here on out. That, and having some kind of wind blocker or an actual decent microphone. Oh well, at least it’s a thing people can watch.


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